SLO Cocktail Month

JUNE 2019

SLO Cocktail Month | June 2019

Distillers of SLO county are proud to present the 2nd annual SLO Cocktail Month this June. Try cocktails featuring locally made spirits from the Paso Robles Distillery Trail at participating bars and restaurants across the county.
21+ only please. Details unfolding daily.

Local Distilleries

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Participating Restaurants | June 2019

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Fresh cut figs were charred over wood for one of the winning cocktails from Sidecar from San Luis Obispo at The Grand Cocktail Party on October 6, 2018. Shoop from Granada in San Luis Obispo doing what he does best! Centerpiece still from Willow Creek Distillery. Cal Wise Spiced Rum was used by The Allegretto Resort in Paso Robles. This cocktail used greek yogurt to create a creamy consistency. Flour House from San Luis Obispo whipping up their winning cocktail using Red Sole's Absinthe and local espresso from Kreuzberg Coffee Shop. Robin from The Hatch in Paso Robles crafting her winning cocktail that used Re:Find's Botanical Gin at The Grand Cocktail Party on October 6, 2018. Sidecar from San Luis Obispo passing out their award-winning cocktail made using Krobar Craft Distillery's Navy Strength Rum at The Grand Cocktail Party on October 6, 2018. Milestone Tavern from San Luis Obispo made a cocktail using Pendray's Brandy and Plum Liqueur. Fish Gaucho torching rosemary sprigs on oak to smoke the guest's glasses at The Grand Cocktail Party on October 6, 2018. 11.22 Cocktail Lounge in Paso Robles provided educational, entertaining, and delicious cocktail demonstrations at The Grand Cocktail Party.

SLO Cocktail Month 2018!

Sidecar Cocktail Co.

Flour House

Mason Bar and Kitchen

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